Note: Satoshi Island Citizenship NFTs have no relation to citizenship of Vanuatu.

Learn about Satoshi Island Citizenship NFTs and how to get one

What is a
Satoshi Island
Citizenship NFT?

What is a
Satoshi Island
Citizenship NFT?

Satoshi Island Citizenship is the ultimate NFT for any aspiring Satoshi Islander, providing the holder with the exclusive rights and benefits explained below.

How many Citizenship NFTs are there?

How Many Citizenship NFTs are there?

Only 21,000 Satoshi Island Citizenship NFTs will ever be created. The first batch of 5058 NFTs were released to the community for free and were minted during a 2 week mint in October 2022. The remaining NFTs in the collection will becomes available at a later date.

What can you do with your Citizenship NFT?

Receiving a Satoshi Island Citizenship NFT could either be considered an honor or an opportunity.

An Honor
Being a Satoshi Island Citizen will make you a member of an exclusive group within the Satoshi Island Community. If your intention is to be involved with the project on a long-term basis, the rights and benefits that you will receive with your Citizenship NFT, will be of great value to you and will enhance your overall Satoshi Island experience.
An Opportunity
If the benefits of citizenship do not excite you, you can be sure that there will be others who feel differently. Citizens Rights are applied to the holder's wallet and therefore you can sell your Citizenship on NFT marketplaces to someone who would see value in being a Satoshi Island Citizen.

Citizens Rights

See the exclusive benefits enjoyed by holders of Satoshi Island Citizenship NFTs.

NFT Mints & Airdrops
Addresses that hold a Citizenship NFT are automatically whitelisted for early access to all Satoshi Island NFT mints and airdrops.
Private Opening
Satoshi Island Citizens will be the first of the community permitted access to the island on the private opening.
Advanced NFT Security
Protect your NFTs with the advanced NFT security features built to keep Satoshi Island NFTs in the right hands.
Voting Rights
Holders of Citizenship NFTs will be able to vote on the policies that govern the island. Each wallet can only hold one Citizenship and that NFT will count as one vote. One NFT. One vote.
Live & Work
Satoshi Island Citizens have the right to live and work permanently on the island. Work on your own project and take advantage of the co-working space, or work for one of the projects with a base on the island. Citizenship also provides the holder with access to long-term accommodation, at lower rates not available to short term visitors.

Note: Satoshi Island Citizenship is not the same as Vanuatu Citizenship and people regardless of holding a Citizenship NFT must be considered permissible for entry to Vanuatu and have a valid Visa or have a passport from one of the 130 visa free countries.
Run A Business Or Event
Holding a Citizenship NFT makes it possible for owners of businesses to establish crypto projects or events on the island. Additional license based NFTs required to do so can only be granted to those with Citizenship Status.
Build Or Own
A Home
Anyone can own Land NFTs on Satoshi Island but those who would like to develop that land into private homes or apartment complexes must hold a Satoshi Island Citizenship NFT.
Convert NFTs
Only those with Citizenship NFTs are able convert Land NFTs into NFPTs.
Expedited Citizenship Processing
It is important to remember that a Satoshi Island Citizenship NFT is not the same as a Vanuatu Citizenship. However, Vanuatu does have a well respected citizenship by investment program for people looking for a second passport. For those looking to take advantage of this program, Satoshi Island Citizenship NFTs provide the holders with access to our expedited processing through Vanuatu Investment & Migration Bureau.