Own a real piece

of the island

Turn your crypto into a physical asset
with Satoshi Island NFTs

Aerial photo of Satoshi Island

Own a piece of

Satoshi Island

Own a piece of Satoshi Island

Aerial photo of Satoshi Island

Land NFTs represent the rights to real land on Satoshi Island. There will only ever be 2100 blocks of land on the island and each block is divided into 10 Land NFTs. Own a whole block and build on your own or own individual NFTs and build with others.

NFTs represent different areas

Land NFTs come with different traits which describe the area, location, position and usage of the land but whichever you get, living and working on Satoshi Island is sure to be an experience like no other.

For Individuals & Organizations

There is different types of Land NFTs to suit the different owners and their needs.

Residential Land NFTs
The majority of Land NFTs on Satoshi island is categorized as having residentia usage. This means that the land can be used for private occupancy or for rental purposes. People wishing to live on the island or have goals to build a property portfolio for rental purposes will want to acquire residential Land NFTs.
Commercial Land NFTs
With only 72 blocks of land reserved exclusively for commercial usage and an additional 56 for dual usage. This land is set aside for projects who want to make Satoshi Island their first or second home. Projects can build satalite offices for occisional usage or even relocate to the island full time.

7 Areas To Choose From

Learn about the areas around the island and how each one differs from the next.

South Coast
562 Residential Blocks
The South Coast borders the largest stretch of ocean on the island and has the most amount of blocks of all the areas. With a total of 128 Ocean Front blocks and 434 Ocean Side blocks all those living on the South Coast will enjoy living just a few steps from the sea.
West Coast
86 Residential Blocks
The West Coast has the least amount of blocks on the island with 44 of them having direct access to the ocean. We expect the West Coast to be a relaxing place to live away from the more populated South Coast.
South Cliff
418 Residential Blocks
At almost 100m above sea level the South Cliff boasts uninterrupted views straight out to pacific ocean. With a total of 418 blocks of land this will be a great place to live close to the Downtown area of the Entertainment Zones and a short drive to the ocean.
West Cliff
382 Residential Blocks
With the same elevation as the South Cliff the views from the West Cliff are just as impressive. Facing into the mainland you can gaze across the water upon the beauty of mainland Vanuatu. West Cliff is also a short journey from the trendy Uptown area of the Entertainment Zones.
East Cliff
372 Residential Blocks
East Cliff has breathtaking views up the east coast of the mainland and is made up of a total of 372 blocks of land. Situated in the middle of Uptown and Downtown, East Cliff will be a great place to live if you like to live close by to entertainment but far enough away to escape for a little relaxation.
Entertainment Zones
56 Residential/Commercial Blocks
Entertainment Zones are the perfect places for building apartments to accommodate people who like to live near the all the amenities Projects who looking to build clubhouses could also find this area very beneficial for the same reasons. With two distinct locations known as Uptown and Downtown, each will be have a different vibe with a sophisticated feel Uptown and a place to party Downtown.
Satoshi Central
72 Commercial Blocks & 152 Residential Blocks
Surrounding Bitcoin Park is Satoshi Central, 244 blocks we expect to become the place to be for all blockchain professionals. Bitcoin Park will host all year round conferences and the 72 commercial blocks around it known as the “The Hub” will become the epicentre of the island. The 152 residential blocks to the south of Bitcoin Park will be a great place to reside for those working in The Hub.

Owning Real Land As An NFT

Buying land on Satoshi Island is much easier than traditional land ownership but there is still a process to follow to go from the first step to a Land NFPT that represents a specific block of land.

Land NFT Deeds

The first step to owning land on Satoshi Island is to acquire Land NFT Deeds. These deeds represent the seven areas on the island and are required the first time land rights are transferred from our company to a new owner.

Once you have your Land NFT Deed you can be secure in the fact that you are a land owner on Satoshi Island. But before you know exactly what piece of land you have you need to follow the steps to create your NFPTs.

Land NFT Deeds provide the holder with the rights to mint Land NFTs from area that the deeds represent. When minting Land NFTs you will be randomly assigned specific traits that are later used to select blocks of land.

If multiple Land NFT Deeds from the same area are minted at the same time, the resulting Land NFTs will share the same or adjoining traits allowing consolidation of Land NFTs to claim whole blocks of land when creating NFPTs.

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Land NFTs

When you use a Land Deed NFT to claim a Land NFT you will be assigned traits within the area you chose which give you a more specific geographical location of your actual block of land.

Whether you have 1 Land NFT or a multiple, you will be assigned the traits from the same geographical location allowing you to later combine those Land NFTs into Land NFPTs for a specific block

Holders with less than 10 Land NFTs will be able to join with other holders with the same traits to discuss development plans to ensure they collaborate with others with the same goals

Land NFTs can be traded secondary markets and although the exact block is not yet chosen, the specific traits of the Land NFT give buyers and sellers a clear idea as to where the block will be.

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Once you have 10 Land NFTs or have collaborated with holders of the same traits and are ready to begin developing you can use your Land NFTs to select from available blocks of land with the same traits as your Land NFTs.

If you have multiples of 10 Land NFTs you can also combine them to create larger blocks (If adjoining blocks are available). You can also collaborate with other Land NFT owners to create these larger blocks and develop together.

Creating NFPTs with multiple Land NFT holders is achieved by the creation of a NFPT DAO consisting of the holders of the NFTs. You can decide on the rules of the DAO together prior to selecting your block and minting the Land NFPTs.

Unless prohibited by the rules of individual NFPT DAO, the holders can sell the NFPTs just like any NFT and the benefits and rights of the block of land and any development of it will be instantly transferred to the new owner.

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Legal Rights To
Land On Satoshi Island

Legal Rights To Land On Satoshi Island

Learn about the legal rights you gain when you own Satoshi Island NFTs linked to land.

Land NFT Deed Legal Rights
Land NFT Deeds represent the legal rights to land on Satoshi Island provided by Satoshi Island DAO LLC (the NFT issuer) to the holder of the Land Deed NFT. Read Land NFT Deeds to understand what rights the deeds provide you.
Read Deeds
Land NFT Legal Agreement
Land NFTs are a legally binding contract giving you the rights to convert your NFTs into a specific block of land through the Land NFPT conversion process. Read the Land NFT License Agreement before to be sure you understand your rights.
Read Agreement
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